Trailer: Get Low

Good, good stuff coming out about this movie. A great cast and, reportedly, one of Robert Duvall's best roles.

Plus, Gerald McRaney just showed up on the scene. Ever since Simon & Simon, I've loved Gerald McRaney. He's a conservative, a huge supporter of the military, and has taken numerous USO Tours to visit our troops from Somalia to Iraq.

That, and I think Delta Burke, his wife, is just gusty as all get out.

And then, of course, there's, oh my, Robert Duvall. Inhale, exhale. He's one of the truly talented actors of this age and the next. We don't have many of those. I talk, often, with my friends about our loss and void of Jimmy Stewarts and Clark Cables and John Waynes and Cary Grants of and from Hollywood. Now we have Leonardo and Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. And they all look like little boys on screen with their soft hands and scrubbed faces and voices with no melody of struggle or determination.

But not Robert Duvall.

I'll let the grit of the man, along with his own words, speak for themselves.