Sarah Palin v ...Drag Queen?

This video of a "teacher" holding a "worse Governor ever" sign and confronting Palin has hit the media's frothing Sarah appetite to such a degree they need elastic waistbands.

Sarah handled it poorly, supposedly, even though by the end of the video this "teacher" is agreeing they have a lot in common and that she's honored to meet her.

Watch the video and then we'll discuss why I keep using quotation marks with the word "teacher."

This dedicated teacher isn't exactly a teacher. She's a Theater Tech and a singer in a Drag Queen band. And she has some insidiously left connections. MacsMind blog has been chasing down her whereabouts and having a hard time finding any evidence of her teaching claim.

Check here to see his updates and here to see the drag queen band picture.

Here's what MacsMind has discovered thus far:

Additionally I could care less whether she performs in a drag queen band or for a play. What is significant is that she is president of the Board of Directors, Kachemak Bay. Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC) in Homer, AK, aka, abortion rights organization.

We all know that progressives have targeted Sarah for not aborting her Down Syndrome Affected child Trig.

The more I dig the more I find connections between Gustafson and Shannyn Moore, the progressive blogger and chief harasser of Sarah Palin and it’s looking more and more like this was a “bait” setup for which Sarah bit, but then she would have had no choice. Had she not approached them over the banner they most likely would have approached her.

Either way it backfired and Sarah won the day by most accounts.

If Sarah's no viable political threat to liberals, why do they need to resort to overly dramatized tactics and lying? If she's as pointless and laughable as they claim she is, ignore her. It's what I do with Perez Hilton.

Shakespeare said it best. They protest too much.
Tara Lynn Thompson