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Tara Lynn Thompson

Hey there.


It all started when…

I got over my discomfort in talking about myself and wrote a bio. And…that hasn’t happened, yet. So, hang with me! I’ll get this written soon. I’m just a private person who, honestly, is more interested in learning about you than talking about me, but I’m told I need to get over that. So bio coming soon!


If you haven’t read either one, get both because you will want to pick up Sidekick IMMEDIATELY after reading Superhero. The 3rd book cannot get here fast enough!
— Amazon review

Applause. Applause. Applause.

Creators, pioneers, entrepreneurs, all delight me. They do what others won’t. Or can’t. Or shouldn’t. They’re persistent, hardworking, determined, and sometimes sweaty. This section is dedicated to all those creators who have captured my attention. Whether that is artists, writers, inventors, thinkers, influencers, or bean chip makers. If you got my attention, it’s going here. If you want my attention, email me. If you really want my attention, email me AND sign up for my blog/newsletter.


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