Black conservatives, they exist

The liberal media treats black conservatives like Bigfoot. There are rumors of their existence, even the occasional picture, but no one really believes it.

Personally, I find the idea a minority can't be conservative to be a racist statement. In other words, minorities aren't individuals. They all think the same, are the same.

Isn't that, in essence, what they are saying? At any point does the media lump all white people into one political party or ideological grouping?

Of course not. White people are individuals. But those minorities, well...they are all liberal democrats because they all think exactly the same.

Tisk, tisk you racist reporters.

There are black conservatives out there. And, they are some of the most impressive people - educated, passionate, intelligent, humorous - you'll ever meet. Because they are black? Nope. Because they are free-thinking, America-loving, freedom-embracing, individual-promoting, usually God-fearing, all-inclusive people.

That's the definition of a conservative, a lover of the individual.

A group of black conservatives recently held a press conference to address the NAACP statements that the Tea Party Movement is racist.

Not only are the questions they received negative, you can hear the hostility in the reporters' voices. How dare these black conservatives destroy the media's talking point that conservatives are all racist.

How dare.

Sometimes, in the silence of my day, with no one else around, encumbered by only my house walls, I can't help but clap and cheer at the occasional video I stumble across. This one even got a "woohoo" and the sporadic "ha!"

Conservatives rock. And yes, I've got to stop listening to 80's hair bands.