Ladylikeness 1: forgive like you want to be forgiven


“Ladies are quick to forgive faults and wrongs.”

But My Faults Are So Cute…

It's easy to believe our faults are easily forgivable. Of course, they are. Our faults are understandable. They’re downright reasonable. Even a little charming. But what about the faults of others? Can we forgive them as quickly? Even when they do things we'd never do? Or struggle with weaknesses we’d never have?

Ladies can. 

They are able to quickly forgive the weaknesses, faults, and mistakes of others because they accept - without excuses - their own weaknesses, mistakes, and areas of needed growth.

They do not accept their faults reluctantly. Or cynically. Or by going in the opposite direction and celebrating them, as if treating their faults as anything other than faults makes them fun or noble or cute.

Ladies accept they need grace themselves sometimes and, therefore, can more freely give it.


I’m going to make a wild prediction that someone is going to annoy, offend, or even wrong you this week. 

When that happens, take time to think about the areas in your life where you want to be shown understanding. How do you want people to respond to you if the roles are reversed? (I’m going to make another wild prediction, it’s also possible you could accidentally be the offendER and not the offendED this week.)

When an offense happens, give others what you hope to receive for yourself: grace. 

If that feels impossible, walk away. Walk quickly. Walk, preferably, without stomping your feet with each step. Get out of that situation and away from that person. Give yourself distance and time to process the situation with the objective of letting the offense go. Forgiving an offense will free you far more than holding onto an offense will ever impact the offender.

Have a wonderful, grace-filled week, Ladies!