Never let go of Ladylikeness

This isn’t working for me.

For too long, I’ve been completely horrified at the vulgarity, immodesty, sexual promiscuity, and constant anger coming out of various woman’s movements. Now, they’ve added public emotional outbursts, unhinged temper tantrums, and an obsession with feeling sorry for themselves.

It’s revolting.

Who are these women? In the land and time of opportunity, advancement, and indoor plumbing, what has them so whiney? How have they been allowed to recreate a new normal for our entire gender? How did we allow it to get this far? What imbecile thinks empowering women means lowering our standards of behavior, flaunting a lack of manners, and neglecting personal hygiene?

Good. Freaking. Grief.

Even our female public figures, from politicians to celebrities, are exhibiting a crude, vagina-obsessed, self-obsessed attitude. Women in the public use to be admired for their talent or beauty or intelligence or femininity. These days, too many of them are an embarrassment.

Somewhere, somehow, the persona of a woman turned cold. Cold and brittle. Cold and brittle and bitter.

This isn’t good. It’s also beneath us.

Not to sound as if we’re too good to be represented by women who free-bleed in public and believe bullying men is empowerment, but, really, we’re too good. That’s why it’s time we bring back some class to the social norms.

If you’re reading this, you are either in complete agreement with me and now we’re best friends. Or, you plan on keying my car. Because you’re childish. And unhinged. And out of control. But, fret not, the strong women in society can help you by: 1) being an example of feminine strength and 2) telling you to sit down, stop embarrassing us, and learn something.

I’m passionate about this because I believe women are so much more than the overwhelming examples currently being shoved in our face with the demand that we “respect this!” Thanks. But, nah. I believe, within each of us, is the potential to be an elegant, classy, respected and respectful, powerful, confident lady.

I believe:

Ladies civilize society.

Ladies set the standard for behavior.

Ladies rise above boorishness, pettiness, spitefulness, and selfishness, while inspiring others to rise with them.

Ladies expect more for themselves, but also from themselves.

Ladies exude easy humility and unimpeachable self-worth.

Ladies enchant everyone they meet with natural femininity and charm.

Ladies are the bearers of God’s beauty and glory.

It’s a tall order, but we are uniquely designed to meet it. And, when we do, we’ll personally experience so much more peace, more self-worth, more fulfillment, more impact, and more admiration.

So, that’s where my head has been. I’ve been thinking about all the lessons I’ve learned about how to be a lady, lessons from my mother, my father, my family matriarchs, my female mentors, and my amazing friends who lead by example.

The lessons I’ve been writing are timeless and ageless. They apply, whether you are 8 years old or 88 years old. Each week, I’m already presenting one to the girl’s in my Sunday school class. And I’ll also share those lessons here, along with a brief explanation of what they mean, how to practice them, and what rewards come when you do.

I do NOT have this all figured out. These are lessons I’m learning still, too. For me, they are reminders of what I can be, how I should be, and who I want to be.

What I hope is that they help inspire you, too, and that you share them with the other women and young girls in your life. It’s time we showed the world what a truly strong woman looked like. Here’s a hint:

She’s beautiful on the inside, which radiates on the outside. People admire her all through her days. She is truth. She is grace. She is elegance. She is timeless.

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