Will a little Bibi go a long way?

There's little in this world more beautiful than a man with purpose walking into a room. Trust me on this. I study walks. It's creepy, for sure, but I do.

I'm not talking about power. It's certainly not about arrogance. It isn't even about the actual body motion - the length of his steps or swing of his arms. It's about certainty. Always certainty. Whether the crowd goes wild in support or repugnance.

If you want to find good examples of leadership, first watch the walk.

Benjamin Netanyahu entered Congress today with just such a walk. You couldn't say the man has a stroll or stride, swagger or saunter. It doesn't matter in the least. He walked in with a clearly defined purpose: to defend western civilization against a real threat.

It was Churchill time. A calling out of the stark reality and a call for action while action can still be taken.

I'm not a doomsayer. And I'm no political mastermind. But if you want a glimpse into our future, push play.