Born To Be Wildly Discontent

How stuck in a funk are you? Really stuck? Partially stuck? Are your shoes making that sucking noise at each step?

Here's my idea of a lifeline. It's this month's blog over at LightQuest Media. Just a snippet to see if you'd like to read the rest:

"...I was quizzing him about identity, like what happens when we lose ours.  What about those moments we are lost for direction, lost for purpose?  What about those moments we wake up and no longer recognize ourselves?  Our lives?  Our dreams?  I asked him if he had ever experienced that and, after a solid minute of silence where I assumed he was remembering the name of that great shrink he met once at a dinner party, who, as luck would have it, had a patient slot open, (he) answered with a definitive 'every time I’m about to make a big change.'
...(D)ripping wisdom with the same rhythm his glass dripped condensation, (he) laid out the problem."

Let me know if it worked. If not, I suggest we open a bottle of wine, get comfortable in the mud, and pretend this is a spa day.