Alien v Marine. Bet on the Marine.

With all the buzz, I had to find out about "Battle: Los Angeles" for myself. Here's what I keep hearing from movie review sites I trust: Go. See. This. Move.

Pro-military. Pro-Christian. Post-racial. And by that, I mean race isn't an issue and isn't highlighted or discussed. People are accepted according to their character, not their color.

This movie, from what I hear, is about true heroism and the bond between soldiers, who sacrifice themselves for each other and for the greater good. It's a love poem to the individual.

And now, I must Go. See. This. Movie.

Bill Whittle at Declaration Entertainment does an out-of-this-world (this is me trying to stay thematic but it isn't really working, is it) review of the movie and why it's a must see. Despite my poor hype, check out Bill's galactical (that is too a word) video.