Steven Crowder: the Thuggyest Thugs that ever Thuggeryed

I want new black dress shoes. I need them, actually. My hips hurt in the ones I own. I need those dress shoes to wear in client meetings. I must have them. I deserve them because I need them.

So I'm going to the shoe store. I'm going to pick out the best pair of shoes I can find.

I deserve that, too.

Then, I'm going to demand the other customers in the store take up a collection to pay for these shoes. Everyone will have to pay. No one leaves until they donate a percentage of the money they have for shoes to my shoe purchase.

If that means they don't have the money for their own shoes, bummer. My shoe demands come first.

Then, every year, I'm going to do it again. Next year I will probably need two new pair.

I need white ones, too.

Welcome to the public sector union mentality. Just a fancy name for legalizing pick pocketing.