Atlas Shrugged, the Movie

Well, golly. I'm excited. I really am.

When Passion of the Christ came out, my family went to watch it and then had dinner after to discuss. I remember asking my father, while diving into a bowl of chips and salsa, what he thought about people criticizing some of the artistic license Mel Gibson took, like the opening scene of Jesus with the snake in the garden.

My father said something rather brilliant, as he always does. "I'm not going to criticize him for producing a story about Jesus when I haven't done it. Too often, we like to sit back, do nothing, and criticize others who are doing something worthwhile."

In other words, for those on the right so badly wanting a movie that reflects their free-market ideology who are already finding minor points of contention because the movie wasn't done how they'd do it, should probably just zip it.

Until, of course, you make an Atlas Shrugged movie of your own.

Check out the website and prepare for the April 15 premiere. I'll be there