Happy 100th, Mr. President

He turned 100 yesterday. And we're still enthralled in who the man was because of what he represented.

Ronald Reagan was a modern day Founding Father. Somewhere inside him, in a place some of us know, some of us seek to find, some of us hope exists, he understood the simplistic truth of life. He understood human nature, which meant loving it's right to choose while unapologetically fighting it's wrong choices.

He never had shame for his beliefs, never allowed anyone to force that shame. He simply stood on them, stood despite the force of opposition, despite the anger of opposition. He never wavered, confident he was right, confident in the American people, confident in the American way of life, confident it was right and good and desired by all mankind because it gave every man freedom.

His fame endures because he was right. Had he been wrong, had government ever been the answer, he would have gone down in history as a pitiful leader. Instead, even Obama wants people to think of him like good ole Dutch.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

So here's to the man who loved his country, who understood the priceless value of individual freedom, who truly loved the people he served. And who kept us either in awe of him or laughing with him throughout his time.

I still miss the Gipper. I suppose I always will.

Here are a few videos I chose of his birthday ceremony. First, an amusing, well-told and told often in Reagan's words, speech from Gary Sinese, a true patriot.

The beautiful salute and a Marine with tears streaming down her face.

And because he was the best at telling his story than anyone, a few great Reagan videos.