Eastwood v Islamic Extremism

I may hate Michael Judge. For many reasons. All of them having to do with jealousy. He's the freelance writer, a good one, who wrote an excellent piece on Clint Eastwood for the Wall Street Journal. An interview piece he conducted on Eastwood's ranch.

There are so many things to hate about Mr. Judge, including his excessive talent. It's a great read. And to back up my grumbling with a juicy Eastwood quote, here's an excerpt from the article.
He also appreciates the dilemmas faced by democracies when dealing with Islamist terrorism. "How many rights do you want to give to people who are trying to kill you just because you're you? . . . [Y]ou may be of a different religious sect, or you may be an agnostic, or you may be anything. But you're not one of them, so you're an inferior being. . . . Do you fight on 21st-century ideas or 17th-century, like the people who are against you?"
Leave it to Dirty Harry to break down a political argument between conservatives and liberals with a little cut and dry realism. How much liberty do you give someone trying to kill you simply because you exist?

I have an answer for that one. But I'll leave it along for now.

Read the full article here. But don't tell Mr. Judge I sent you.