O-Bam-A, the remix

The video was creepy two years ago. Now, it's just sad. Or...okay, it's still creepy.

Here's the Obama chanters, their blind adoration, and where it's gotten us thus far, with the reality mixed in. It's the "O-Bam-A" remix. And it's rather fitting for a historical day such as this.

They didn't know the man when they were chanting his name. They liked his speeches. They liked holding hands. They liked standing in studios and smiling at the camera.

He hadn't accomplished anything. Yet the 2008 Obama voters took his good press and believed it for gospel.

Two years later, those willing to accept reality have allowed the disillusionment to slough off. Obama was only a guy in a suit with a slogan. He likes playing golf, taking five vacations in a year, reading from telepromters, taking over private businesses, criticizing our country abroad, being interviewed on The View, and preaching at everyone to sacrifice and stop whining, while he whines and refuses to sacrifice.

By the end of the night, however, the grit of this country is hoping for positive, conservative, power-to-the-American-people, Constitutionally sound change.

And, in case the subject should ever be brought up again, "change" should never be unquestioningly accepted without specifics.
Tara Lynn Thompson