Colorado or Bust

Hello rabid Conservatives.

Tomorrow I leave for Colorado and am absent for about 10 days. Yes, I have a house-sitter. He's a big guy, too, so don't even think about messing with my property. I'm a conservative, as is he, which means we're always armed and just itching for someone to give us a reason to shoot.

In preparation to leave, I've been totally swamped and unable to blog. The amount of work you have to complete before going on vacation requires vacation when you're finished. But it will be worth it. And I need some time in thinner air to spend writing.

I may blog while I'm gone. I may not. Since it's my vacation, I get to decide and no one can complain.

Thank you to all of you, little and small, big and tall, who tune in each week to hear my poignant, succinct, and insightful commentary. And for those who sit through my garbled ramblings, too.

I do have a few things I'm wanting to post today. But, oddly enough, my priorities today are grocery shopping and laundry. As I get time, IF I get time, I will be posting today. Then I'll be gone to soon return.

Have a great week, everyone. Stay informed. And should the nation crumble into pieces while I'm gone, I'm heading for an unknown location in the Colorado Mountains, never to be heard from again.

Nah. I'll be back.

Tara Lynn