America a Christian Nation. Notice the absence of a question mark.

America wasn't founded on Christian principles. Yep. I can believe that as long as I ignore history. ALL of it.
David Barton, founder of Wallbuilders, was a man my parents introduced to me at an early age. I learned more from one of his 30-minute videos than my entire four years of High School history. And I enjoyed it.
History fun? You know it. Fiction is never better than the truth. And America's history is one of the best stories every written, with love and loss and war and sacrifice and valor and inspiration and pulse-pounding revolution.
Barton spoke this past Sunday at Dr. Charles Stanley's church, giving a brief, very brief, overview of the foundations of our nation, from why a Christian nation is the only way for all religions to be free and how capitalism is the only way for individuals to flourish. And it's all spelled out, uh huh, in the Bible.

I can't embed the video. But here is the link.
I encourage to the point of implore you to watch it. It's 30 minutes long. Break it up and watch pieces of it, if you want. I plan on watching it a few hundred times until I can grasp everything he's saying. Not kidding. I have this kind of time on my hands.
Okay, no I don't. But I'm going to do it anyway.

If the entire country could grasp only the points and facts presented in this well-done, fast-paced presentation, only these points, America would remain the last best hope for freedom. Instead, we're selling our rights off, one at a time, for the idea it makes us a better, more caring, more compassionate, more enlightened individual. When, in actuality, we're being led into economic and cultural slavery with a stupid grin on our face.