The Word: God's rights

My roommate listens to Joyce Meyer every day. She climbs into her car, plugs in a ministry CD, and listens to 20 minutes of encouragement all the way to work and 20 minutes all the way back.
Then she comes home and tells me about it.

I don't do that. I plug in to scripture during Sunday service, sporadically throughout the week, and when something crosses my path. And I have to say, IT ISN'T ENOUGH.

These days, I need it 24/7. If I could liquefy scripture, I'd be attached to an IV. With YouTube, I can skip the needle.

So as I find ministry shorts, I"ll be posting them. Let me just say this in advance, posting a video does not mean I support or endorse the minister. There are ministers I like, ministers I don't. And I won't get into that. The videos are MESSAGES I like. Nothing more.

Here's today's snack: Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle. This is his "Ask Anything" service where those in attendance text questions and he answers them on the spot. And the questions are without limits. Awesome.