the Word: Cultural Relativism

Ravi Zacharias talks about truth. This is the sun of my universe: truth. Every time I hear the word, I feel my pulse quicken. And I can't even explain to you the reaction, the reason, only that it appears as if truth is dissipating slowly, like warmth in the midst of a bitter Northern wind, and so I'm seeking the heat.

The video is only four minutes and worth the time. I don't know anything about the minister but he's got my attention. Here are a few quotes piquing my interest:

- "I am convinced whatever message God has for this generation, they are determined to change it and come up with the opposite."

- "Intent is prior to content. And the question is: Does this generation really want the truth?"

- "Political expediency stalks the landscape today. How in the name of reason can any sensible human being say, 'I personally believe it is wrong, but politically it is the right thing to do."

Several years ago, on an evening when the darkness seemed thicker, heavier than usual and the weight of it dripped from my hair and dragged down my shoulders, I made a request to God, as well as a promise to accept the culmination of that request.
Driving in my car, alone like I'd never felt and facing a trial of half-truths and misconceptions, I distinctly remember turning the corner toward my closet of a home in the middle of a dilapidated neighborhood where joy remained barricaded on the outside.
This was the end of a tiring day, the end of a tiresome journey, the end of a future so real I had already written the check and never expected it to bounce. I had been lied to so many times, so repetitively over many years and many subjects, I was chocking on the plastic content of it all.

So I asked God, "Tell me the truth. In everything. I want it. I only want the truth. I'm sick to death of lies, from anyone or anything. I want to know, 'What is truth?' And if truth turns my world completely upside down so that up is below and down is above, help me through it, give me truth, as much as I can stand."

I restate that request often, sometimes every week, sometimes every day. It isn't easy, but it's life. Truth, even if it makes me an outsider or unpopular or hated or mocked, I want it. And I have every intention of sharing.