Lessons We Could All Learn from a Second Grader

Christian came about to my ribs. I know this because that's where his head would hit when he rushed out of class every week to hug me.

I learned not to wear long necklaces so his cheeks didn't get imprints.

For a year, Christian and I hung out every Wednesday. I was suppose to be helping him with his reading. What I know is that I learned a lot about Clifford the Big Red Dog, who really is just a ginormous animal. And that Christian, with his intelligence and warmth, taught me a few things about life I'd simply forgotten.

Here, thanks to Christian, is what I learned:

Christian eating his weight in pizza.

1. Sitting still is harder than it looks. No one should do it for long or often.

2. Start every conversation with, "I've missed you so much." It completely disarms the other person and makes them agree to anything you want.

3. Video games have no educational value, but they're freaking awesome.

4. If reading isn't fun, reading won't happen. So make reading fun.

5. Cookies should be eaten so that crumbs remain on your face to enjoy later.

6. When you leave a room, push in your chair, as well as every other chair in the visible distance. It will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

7. A week is also the same time span as eternity. So, when you don't see someone for a week, don't be surprised if when you leave they respond with, "But I won't see you for forever!"

8. Tickling fixes every bad day.

9. Crayons are the coolest gift ever, second only to chocolate.

10. Everyone loves to be seen and appreciated for who they are and what they can do. And that is a need you never outgrow.

Thanks buddy. I hope you have a great summer! I'll miss you.