Being a Superhero is for the Birds

Today, you bought a chicken. A live one. Actually, it was more than one. Congratulations! A chicken!

Did you know that a chicken farm for families in poverty can provide a substantial supplemental income? As well as a food source? They sell the eggs, as well as eat them. They breed and sell the chickens, as well as eat them.

You changed the financial future for a family today. Because you bought a chicken. A live one. Actually, it was more than one.

Phase Two

My first check has arrived!

Thanks to those who have purchased Not Another Superhero, the second phase of this publishing journey has started! What is Phase Two? Hey, thanks for asking.

Phase One was actually writing and publishing the thing. Phase Two is the donation of a percentage of the proceeds from all book sales to charity.

"What a revelation TL! A donation? Who would have ever come up with such an ingenious plan?!"

I know. It's not like I created the idea.

"Such inventiveness. However did you think of it?"

I get the point. It's been done before.

"Generations will stand in awe of this moment in time."

Okay. You're done.

Why Phase Two

Not Another Superhero is a story I wrote while having way too much fun. It's also possible I wrote entire sections while seriously sleep deprived. Explains a lot, doesn't it.

Hopefully, readers are entertained. Maybe even laugh. Or chuckle. Okay, a slight grin. You're free to choose your own display of amusement, is the point. There are times you'll gasp. And be confused. Times you'll hate me, I get it. There are moments you'll be intrigued, others you'll roll your eyes.

I know because I did all of that while writing it.

If you experience any or all of those emotions, I've succeeded. There is, however, more to discover. If you wish.

Not Another Superhero is an adventure, but it's also a journey through struggles of self-worth and identity, through trauma and recovery, through fears and flimsy reality.

It's deep, yo.

Mostly, it's a journey of hope. If I've written it right, you'll even find a glimpse of yourself somewhere in there. The you not yet realized. The you not yet discovered. The you that you didn't know existed.

The way I see it, we're all Samantha in some respects. All seeking the truth of who we really are or who we could fully become. All trying to solve the mystery of the chaos in our lives. All seeing a version of ourselves that is incomplete or even inaccurate.

I think this because I am this, too.

What I hope you find on this journey is not another superhero, but you're kind of superhero. The one you'd be if you could.

And who says you can't?

Beyond Phase Two

Here's where I'm starting and where my readers are starting with me. So thank you. For joining me on this journey. For making the journey possible. For starting, ever so humbly. But starting.

Superheroes don't exist, right? I'm challenging that notion.

Maybe they do if you ask the right people. For example, families like the one in the video below might say they do.

Maybe the family whose life you changed today would, too.

Compassion’s Gift Catalog: Chickens from Compassion International on Vimeo.