Katy Perry VIDEO: Semper Fi

A man cheats on his woman. A woman joins the Marines. Now that's a great music video.

My Top 10 Reasons for Loving this Music Video:

1. Naomi Wolf hates it. Is demanding a boycott of Katy Perry. That, in itself, is a great reason to watch this video.

2. Instead of watching close-ups of Katy Perry's mouth, face, legs, or any other various body part gyrate to music, we were given a story.

3. Women were being celebrated, not for their sexuality, but for their determination.

4. It gave a positive female response to a negative male problem. Instead of attacking his car with a baseball bat and proving her own petty weakness, she focused on finding out what she was capable of accomplishing without him.

5. I really like camo.

Dana Loesh at Big Hollywood accurately tips a hat to the "kick-assedness" of this video. I give that kick-assedness a definite curtsy.