I'm all about keeping things natural. I eat unprocessed food, I wear all-natural fabrics, and I burn fossil fuels as if they burst forth from the very ground beneath my feet. 

Oh. That's right. They do.

A new documentary is explaining a facet of our lives most of us don't fully understand: where the energy comes from. No one else is saying it. How do I know? Because they want him to stop saying it, too. 

Meet Mark Mathis. And meet Mark Mathis' project, "spOILed."

If “SpOILed” debunks just one media meme, Mathis hopes it’s the notion that we can move away from oil in the near future.
If only that were the case.

“That’s a profoundly ignorant and dangerous statement,” he says. “It is impossible for that to happen. I fully expect 40 years from now we may be even more dependent on oil then we are today.”

Want to know more? Of course you do.