Prof. Newt: Class is in session.

Before we get to the part where Newt Gingrich, with the effort it takes to swat a fly, schooled the CBS debate moderator, Scott Pelley, on what is and is not the "rule of law" concerning American terrorists, let's talk etiquette.

Take a look at Pelley's smugness when he - sadly, ignorantly - believes he has the upper hand about that "rule of law". Someone really needs to take a still of that face, incorporate it into college journalism curriculum, and teach it as the expression not to make after age four.

Also note his "no" when Gingrich answers the question Pelley asked.

I had no idea Pelley wanted to run for President as the GOP candidate. If he's going to debate the candidates, get the man a podium and make him the bull's eye of late night comediennes. I mean, if he wants the job, give the man the whole job.
Tara Lynn Thompson