Patriotic Millionaires: We heart taxes. We hate donations.

 Did they make their money due to independent thought? I have to question that since they refuse to donate to the U.S. Treasury unless they can "hold hands" - not kidding, one of them said this - and do it together.
All or nothing. And this is why they call themselves Patriotic Millionaires?

You can pay more taxes any day you want. You can pay every day you want. You can pay every hour of the day. The U.S. Treasury gladly takes donations to pay down on the debt. Also, there are things like "deductions" these guys are taking that are not necessary.

So why stand there pounding their Valentino suited chest and demanding taxes be raised? If you truly believe in your ideology, you live it even when you have to live it alone. 

But maybe they can still stand around and hold hands.
Tara Lynn Thompson