Whoopi Rant Explained

Dana Loesch has an excellent piece today explaining how Whoopi Goldberg's anti-Michelle Bachmann, pro-single-parent home, generally anger-over-everything-a-conservative-does rant yesterday wasn't clear but did achieve hysteria and inaccuracy.

Also, and I think this one is important since she's a comedienne, it wasn't funny.

For bitterness, I have to admit Whoopi has some real talent. Way to go girl! Get your gripe on!

Here's Dana's money quote
Also, as the product of a single parent household, I think Whoopi needs to stop universally speaking for all children of single parents. You know what? It sucked. Many of us are lucky to have turned out well in spite of it — and children from single parent households sure as hell don’t need enablers like Goldberg ranting and raving about how it’s okay when it isn’t.
Read the full story here.

And, in case you were wondering, no. I don't watch The View. I do catch video clips from time to time, each one giving me a rash. I think the show is funded by a group of men angry with their wives who thought the perfect revenge would be highlighting the worst of female stereotypes Monday through Friday on daytime TV.

Do you really think women would be behind a one-hour show of preachy, biting, motormouth nags?

I also think these men are behind the faked Apollo Moon landing. And they're hiding Elvis.