This time it's Russians in Ohio.

Oh my. James O'Keefe, the boy who took on ACORN, has done it again. This time with two young men posing as Russian drug dealers. What are they after? Why, Medicare, of course. And help funding their underage sister's abortions after giving out sexual favors to their clients.

It's icky. It's horrific. And, surprising, it doesn't seem to phase the Medicare personnel in Ohio.

You drive a million dollar car? We'll just not mention that on the paperwork.
You're pushing child prostitution? We'll call it babysitting.
You hide your drug stash in the floorboards of your home? No worries. We won't be doing any inspections.

Watch the first ten minutes. The rest is O'Keefe adding the uncut video to the end so he can't be accused of tricky editing.

But then, he'll still get accused, now won't he.

Love him or hate him, he's doing the job the media refuse to do. Investigative journalists everywhere should be mortified that a kid, his friends, an inventive story, and a video camera can outdo their best efforts.

Good golly, spunk makes for good video.