TIME: O's the New FDR! I mean Reagan!

TIME magazine doesn't believe you can't read. They believe you can't think.

Obama won! Everyone's now a liberal. Big government rocks. Our boy Obama is the new FDR!

Crap. Everyone hates big government. Obama got pounced in the recent election. Obama is the new Reagan!

For the liberals at TIME, Obama must succeed. The media has staked everything on this nuance kid from no where who accomplished nothing. They hold the controlling interest in his stock. He is the image. And that image can and must be tweaked, depending on how the wind blows. He's like a bendy straw. So if publicly bending over one ideology doesn't work, he'll publicly twist back the other way.

But he's still the same liberal. Still believes people are incapable of running their own lives. Still believes in a government control that far exceeds, and actually reverses, our own Constitution. Still hates a Republic democracy, capitalism, and the right of every human to live and die by our own moral stamina.

They can twist him in whatever direction they choose, but he is still the same. And Americans don't want his ideas.

So maybe he's more like a stir stick.