Hollywood: Mockery from me, Not about me

The Golden Globes. Awards ceremony or Hollywood roast? One I'd need a hefty sum of tax-free money to watch. The other I'm posting.

Rick Gervais used Hollywood celebrities as punchlines the other night, instead of drooling over their laser-treated laugh lines. And they didn't like it. Here's a summary.

Warning: Some of the jokes, particularly about Hugh Hefner, are vulgar.

Now I'm no Gervais fan. He's rude and self-obsessed. Truthfully, you'd be hard-pressed to find any entertainer born post-1925 that I could really claim to admire. Jim Caviezel, because he has morals behind that handsome face. Clint Eastwood, because he has guts and grit. And a scant few others.
However, I have to hand it to Gervais. In his uncouthness, Gervais did something no one dares do. He let Hollywood try our shoes on for size. Us, the average movie goer. Me, the average Christian and conservative. I've sat in a darkened movie theater many times, paid to be there, expected to enjoy myself, and instead had my ideals, my lifestyle, my religious belief, mocked and demonized by those very same laser-treated wrinkle lines.

Going out for a night of entertainment and instead finding yourself stuck in a theater and being mocked isn't much fun, is it?

Now they know how it feels. And they're ticked. John Nolte at Big Hollywood has two excellent piece about the reaction post-Gervais jokes and his sudden tarred name.

The Daily Mail is positively gushing over Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais and his willingness to pretty much hit every star in the room directly in their soft spot. Meanwhile, back in America, the Hollywood Reporter has a host of quotes, including from some top Golden Globes execs, stating Gervais “definitely crossed a line”. That pretty much sums up how this unimportant but revealing scandal is playing out across the world: Reality v. Hollywood, and Hollywood stupidly allowing their heightened complaints and indignation to feed this fire is the dumbest of all dumb public relations moves.
In the bubbled, hypocritical mind of some in Hollywood, the only reason Gervais crossed a line is because he went after them. Had he been as relentless in ripping apart Sarah Palin, her young children, Jesus Christ, or George W. Bush, today the comedian would be celebrated as “edgy” and “courageous” — because only in Hollywood is throwing red meat to a hard-left crowd considered “edgy” and “courageous.” But Gervais didn’t do that. Instead, he trained his satirical fire on Hollywood Power and today there’s serious talk about whether or not the comedian will be brought back to the Golden Globes next year as host.

Impressive. Hollywood, who are gushed and lauded and slobbered over on a daily basis, can only play tough, not live it, dish it out, not take it.

Lastly, to Tom Hanks. I remember you, too. I remember when you were an innocuous, fun-loving comedienne who neither spoke about your typical liberal politics nor called America racist.

Now you do both.