Blog? What blog?

It's been a long month. Although it appears I've disappeared, sadly, last time I checked the mirror, I'm still quite visible. Never buy body lotion off the back of a moving van, fyi. You'll be disappointed every time.

In December, I got snowed (it's actually snowing outside so I had to slip that in somewhere) with deadlines and upcoming family plans for my mom's big birthday. 35 years old! We're so proud. But sadly, don't tell her, she looks 37.

On her birthday, however, plans changed. That morning my grandmother hurt her hip. And I've been preoccupied with family stuff ever since.

Saturday, my grandmother passed away and her funeral is tomorrow. So, between that and keeping up with work, I've been meeting myself coming and going. And, frankly, from one me to the other, I've looked better.

This is the end of a very long journey in one aspect. And, honestly, as with the end of every journey, another begins immediately after. Hopefully, I'll be back blogging later this week. I've had a lot of thoughts to share. Here's one for you, I hate death. Truly hate it. Thankfully, I know a beautiful man who defeated it about 2,000 years ago. Because of him, my Grandma ended one journey this week, only to start a far better one immediately.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! I'll make more sense later.

Tara Lynn Thompson