Late night buzz

There's a reason I don't watch late-night talk shows. For one, my life just hasn't bottomed out yet. For two, I'm generally reading or sleeping or both, which is possible with a large print edition, bedside lamp, and significant doses of prolamine iodine.

Tonight, however, I ate cookies. For most adults and the majority of toddlers, this isn't a headline making event. For me, sugar is outside the scope of my diet. I'd say it has the same affect on me as chocolate-coated coffee beans, but chocolate-coated coffee beans would stop my heart. So, no, it's not like that. It just makes me wired. Unable to sleep. Restless. It can even prompt me to tweet, which, when done on sugar, isn't much different than drunk dialing.

So take into consideration the extent of my conscious mind before I'll click on a video of a compilation of Wednesday night's late-night television. Basically, I have to be drugged.

I thought I'd share. Enjoy what you can. There are even Obama jokes now. And it only took two years of insane spending, flubs, inaccuracies, factual fallacies, ridiculous quotes, missteps, a grassroots opposing movement, international leaders mocking him, and a historic vote of conservatives in the House.

They're only a Presidential candidacy and half-term late. That's comedy on the cutting-edge.

Poor Letterman. He just can't bring himself to harm The One without attacking Palin, since jokes about her have never been tried before.

I wonder what Letterman would do if he ever stumbled onto a dead horse.
Tara Lynn Thompson