TSA: Fly the super-friendly, vastly inappropriate skies

For reasons of personal decency and modesty, I've chosen not to enter the pornography industry, I've declined offers of money to sell my body, and, until the government gets their hand and eyes - literally - off the private sector's private parts, I choose not to fly.

Terrorists aren't three-year-old little girls from Punxsutawney. They are Muslims. Male. In an approximate age range. And foreign-born or with dual citizenship. That's fact. Either we face it and defend ourselves. Or we have government employees, armed with rubber gloves, touching us in places that would generally warrant a sexual harassment charge or a swift kick to any soft-tissue area.

There's precautionary measures. And then there's insanity. They do not resemble each other.


What if your job depended on pictures being taken of your naked body or a stranger touching you inappropriately? Usually they call that the entertainment industry. According to the TSA, it's all part of the job for a pilot.

That's why two are suing, wanting the right to do their job without intrusive techniques which violate their Fourth Amendment rights. And Hannity brings up a good point, if a pilot wanted to crash a plane, at some point he simply could. No explosives necessary.

Here the man's story and his rather detailed (awkward!) description of everything those scanners can see.

Are there any other options? Here's one: talking. Yes, talking. That's how El Al Airlines in Israel keeps people safe. And it works.

It isn't complicated. It isn't expensive. It certainly won't make anyone money. And it gives the private sector back their privacy and removes the oppressive government control. Here's how it works.

First, airport security researches ticket holders before they arrive. Any red flags? Any obvious signs of suspicion? No? That's one obstacle down, with no hands yet snapping on rubber gloves.

Second, a security agent may or may not walk right up to you and start...wait for it...chatting. Airport security is trained to find terrorists, instead of search genitalia.

Former Security Chief Isaac Yeffet of El Al Airlines explains how they keep passengers and planes safe. And no one needs to see you naked.

I don't know. Talking? It seems so...so...what's the word I'm looking for?...effective.