Who misses this guy?

I do!

No, I didn't agree with everything he did. I don't know a person on this planet who does what I want them to do 100 percent of the time. I'm willing to play puppet master. I simply can't get anyone else to play along.

What he was is what we do not have now, an honorable President. A man who loves his country. A leader with his nation's success a priority. A confident spokesman for American values of freedom, individual liberty, and the potential of every citizen.

President Bush was an encourager. A man on our side. Shouting in the bullhorn. Ralling the citizenry. Leading when no one else wanted the job, which is the true definition of leadership.

He didn't whine. He didn't complain. He never pointed a finger at a predecessor. He simply did his job.

That's what I miss, a professional. A President without malice. A man of substance and few words.