What does Bin Laden and the Climate Change crowd have in common?

They both believe in global warming. And, apparently, they both enjoy the sight of blowing up innocent people and children. In graphic detail. With sound effects. Without emotion.

I have this little life motto, it goes something like this. "If you think death is funny, I don't like you." I tweak it a bit from time to time. But that's the gist of it.

Then I usually follow it with, "If you think people should die if they don't do what you want or think like you do, I really don't like you." And I stress the really part, holding out the first syllable so they can feel the weight of my really.

Does that mean I'd make a video where I blew them up into bloody messes, snuffing out their life? That I'd joke about killing them? Nope. Because I can disagree with someone and still not want them murdered or find their murder humorous, like the rest of the sane, compassionate, free-thinking population.