Buyer's Remorse: bringing bad things to life

Besides the overacting, the other thing I notice about this commercial is the extreme hypocrisy between 1986 GE and 2010 GE. They don't always bring good things to life. In fact, you can thank them for those over-sized, mercury-filled, screwy florescent light bulbs that we're being forced to buy. Personally, I think the light they give off is substandard.

But since Americans love to hug GE and love GE and pet GE and squeeze GE and call GE our very own, we paid them $25 million in stimulus funds to lay off 18,000 workers in 2009.
In addition to the $24.9 million it received in stimulus grants, GE was also awarded $5 million in federal contracts under the economic stimulus law.
So to stimulate jobs, we've now paid GE $30 million and received 18,000 fewer employed Americans and ugly light bulbs for our expense. Time to sit down and revise the family budget. This isn't working.

At least Jeffrey Emelt, GE CEO and close Obama pal, will be having a good Christmas this year. That thought, I'm sure, will keep the American taxpayers warm at night while sitting under the depressingly dim glow of their GE florescent light bulb.