Quote Them: When Bradbury speaks, I listen

“I think our country is in need of a revolution. There is too much government today. We've got to remember the government should be by the people, of the people and for the people.”
Ray Bradbury,
outspoken visionary, creative genius, and one of my favorite authors

PS If you haven't read Fahrenheit 451 yet, get to it. Or if you haven't read it since high school, it deserves a repeat. There are political parallels there, just like in Atlas Shrugged, that will send shivers all the way up your free-thought lovin' spine.

In the Los Angelos Times article which featured Bradbury's push for more space exploration, not Obama's less, for more books and less Kindle, and for more individual freedom and less government, the writer Susan King described the legendary author as "one of America's great dreamers, but his imagination takes him to some dark places when it comes to contemporary politics."

Dark places. People having more control over their lives is dark? Yes, I suppose so. Especially when you have bastions of honesty like Charlie Rangel to make those tough, mind-blowing decisions on which light bulb to buy.

The "contemporary politics" bit sounded like a jab on the man's age. What happened to honoring our elders? Listening to their wisdom? Not anymore. He's old and thus his commentary on current politics is placed in the "don't touch" cataloging of "contemporary politics." In other words, keep your opinions to life in the 50s old timer.

If he'd been wearing an "I heart Obama" shirt and flipping through pages of O Magazine, King would have changed her "American dreamer" title to "American icon" and drooled praise on the man's eternal voice. But since he believes in individual freedom, Bradbury's just an old man with a good imagination.

Your objective media at work, folks.