"Fireproof" crew back with "Courageous", honoring fatherhood

Sherwood Films is back with another moving project that looks, per their usual, like quality. I've been a big fan since their hit "Facing the Giants" and had the opportunity to interview Alex Kendrick when that movie put a baptist church in Georgia on Hollywood's map.

Then they knocked one out of the park with "Fireproof," a movie honoring and valuing marriages. Now, they are taking on the role of fathers in "Courageous."

"What we need in our society today and in our churches are strong men who stand up for the Lord Jesus," J. Robert White, executive director, Georgia Baptist Convention.

Amen Mr. White. Amen and Amen again. This world needs Godly men.

I heard a quote from Jennifer Aniston the other day where she degraded the role of fatherhood, all in the effort to promote a movie. Yep. This is why celebrities should be interviewed and their opinions coveted.
Next year, she'll do a romance movie and talk about her great desire to find a man.

Danielle Bean at The Washington Post tackled this subject, prompted by Aniston's quote. It's an excellent article of truth. Love those. Here's the link and here's the money quote:

Who needs a dad? Every child does. Even unbiased studies and statistics say so. Boys raised without fathers are twice as likely to end up in jail. Girls raised without fathers are eight times more likely to wind up pregnant as teens. The childhood rates of depression, suicide, drug use, and sexually promiscuity all rise when a father is not present in the home.

What the scientific data can't quantify, though, is the pain of loss a child experiences when he is denied the right to two parents. All of the nice talk about "love is love" won't make that gaping hole go away. In fact, pretending the loss is not real is the cruelest thing you can do to a child who is growing up fatherless.

I cannot, in any suitable words, explain the importance my father has had in my life. Monumental doesn't cover it. Imperative doesn't cover it. Paramount. does. not. cover. it.