Best audience question ever

37 seconds and Deepak Chopra is stunned into silence. Nice question. Possibly the best audience question ever.

I have no idea when this was or where. It's more like a follow-up to my previous Anne Rice post and Jeremy D. Boreing's article about it over at BigHollywood today. Great read from start to finish.

He embedded this video in the article and it's too good not to share. And share some more. In fact, I may post this again in the future. Or at least replay it when I'm hungry for a word of logical sense from anyone under a spotlight.

Take it away brilliant man in the red shirt. He's got what my father always called, "common sense," though there's nothing common about it.

Here's a great excerpt from Jeremy's article. And here's the link. It's definitely worth the click.

Anne Rice, Dick Wolf, Rosie O’Donnell, and all of the actors and writers and musicians that so malign Christians are part of a tiny sliver of people who live at the peak of human decadence. They are utterly insulated from dissenting opinions.

They hate the church because it does not embrace their own self-gratifying lifestyles. It is the only place left where they encounter a no. So they rebel against it like the frightened children that they are and try to both destroy it and gain its love.

Exactly. They are children wanting cookies for dinner and mad at getting their hand slapped when it's forever stuck in the jar.