Howard Dean trips over his forked tongue

Liberal rules of engagement: When you don't have anything of substance to say, repeat these words in various sequences, "FoxNews", "racist", "fringe", "right-wing".

It seems to work. The left love it. Not that it makes sense or that facts appear to matter, but those words are like a lullaby. Howard Dean gave it a try and Chris Wallace handed the man's dragging chin back to him on a platter.

Do facts matter Mr. Dean?

The issue with Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod isn't that fact she made a racist statement before she made an unracist statement, or some such nonsense. The issue is that Obama forced her resignation. He made a move that didn't bode well for his minions and they need to blame it on someone.

Breitbart has said the significance about Sherrod's speech at the NAACP was the applause she received after her racist statements. A similar speech and move on the opposite side of the aisle, like at a Tea Party event, would have gone viral. Heck, the fact there are white people at a Tea Party automatically, in the minds of the liberal media, makes it racist.

Which, by the way, is actually racist.

Breitbart almost always focuses on media bias. That was his objective. But here is a video of the speech for you to decide for yourself.

Nevertheless, if you think, per chance, her statement was only racist for a moment before she wasn't racist again and thus isn't racist at all, let's hear from her husband, Charles Sherrod. Oh, what a civil rights leader and hero. He's not racist. No way.

Hmmm...Maybe the lesson to learn here is that this couple needs something else to talk about other than race.
Tara Lynn Thompson