God in 60 Days....or your money back

Andrew Klavan. Dang. That's funny.

Christians aren't creative? Shush it. Instead of resorting to lewd sex jokes and, oh, more sex jokes, and then when we need another laugh, throwing in another joke about...hmmm...sex, Christian artists actually use this melon shaped mass located in their melon called....wait for it...their brain. That's right boys and girls. Their brain.

Today, sweating away at the only place where I can afford to watch cable - my gym, I caught the advertisement of a new show on some inconsequential network. What's the premise? It's about a college boy who...yep, has sex. That's it. He plays football and has sex. Nothing more to see here folks.
Isn't that entertaining! And creative! So creative. How do writers and producers and networks come up with these unfathomable narratives like a college boy obsessed with nothing but playing football and spreading STD's!?
It's pure genius.

I changed the channel before the advertisement ended. Then I threw up a little in my mouth.
Tara Lynn Thompson