A pause for the Sweet Stuff

My home is on the cusp of Halloween. There are no lit jack-o'-lanterns, yet, no spider webs except the ones I haven't dusted. It is, however, poised on the eve of a movement of masses marching their child-sized heels in my general direction.
It's a plain little house in a very family-friendly neighborhood, which will be under siege in less than 24 hours with the cutest packs of ankle biters you've ever seen.

Here it is a celebration of tradition. Tomorrow I expect to see Jack Sparrow and Michael Jackson and a few dozen bogeymen. And, of course, a princess or two will make an appearance.

So in the interest of the fun that awaits me on the other side of that chilled evening wind, I leave you with political cartoons and the hopes my candy will stretch through tomorrow evening.

For when a Peanuts cartoon is a salve to the soul:

For all the life lessons Dorothy didn't get around to:
Because for libs, Glenn Beck is more frightening than Osama:
For those times when Congress avoids their own reflection like Dorian Gray:
Because Michael Moore should be pitied, ignored, and forced to eat his vegetables:
So unrealistic. I seriously doubt Obama can drive a stick:
For those little lies we tell ourselves...that morph into public policy:
You can always count on Congress to bury you in paper:

! Send the peanut butter cups my way.
Tara Lynn Thompson