Back to the Future

I've been here. I just haven't been talking.
So thank you to everyone who have patiently checked the site, checked on me, or played checkers. All three are special in their own way.

2009 is here. Anyone notice?
Well, I've been paying attention. And let's just say the games have begun. If you don't find a way to laugh through the next four years, you aren't going to make it. So I'm starting now.

And yes, to all my thousands upon thousands upon...well, so many readers I simply can't count them (probably around five, actually) looking for a return to observations and my blathering nonsense, count on it. I hate to disappoint. I won't be totally consumed with politics from here until eternity. Not totally.

As a good friend tells me often, "If only you were more passionate Tara. That's your real problem. You just aren't passionate enough." I only have sarcastic friends.
I am passionate about a freakin' boatload of stuff. And I want to blog about them ALL!
So I will. And if you want, you can read them. See how nicely that works?

Thus, welcome to for a new and rather overcast year. But the sun will come out, tomorrow. Just don't bet your bottom dollar. You're going to need it.

I'm off my vacation Let's get this party started.
Tara Lynn Thompson