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Not Another superhero

The Another Series

“Amazing dialogue. Mysterious man in black. Sarcastic heroine. This book has it all.”

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Whoever he was, whatever he was, this man didn’t fit into any category in existence. He was as frightening as he was glorious.

Samantha Addison remembers the mugger. And his gun. How he pointed at her head. When he pulled the trigger. She remembers everything, except how she survived.

But it’s only Monday. She’s embarking on a week of near misses and a mystery growing with each attempt on her life.

Why would anyone want to kill the editor of a puff piece magazine? How could she be a threat to anyone? Will the attacks stop? Or will one finally succeed?

Through all the hair-raising events, a man in a black hood keeps saving the day before vanishing without telling her anything. Including his name.

Who is this guy? What is his connection to these events? And can he keep her alive?

It’s a race against the clock to solve a mystery more outlandish than a faceless hero in a hood. IN the end, her survival may depend entirely on whom she can trust. And whom she absolutely cannot.

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Just Another Sidekick

The Another Series

Just Another Sidekick gets 5 stars, hands down! Fun, exciting intriguing can't put it down novel! Samantha is someone you can relate to and her humor is laugh out loud funny!!!!”

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There was something in his spirit that matched mine. He felt like a part of me I’d forgotten. A part that could give me life or take mine away.

Samantha Addison is still reeling a month alter from the night of the Durant Ball. She’s alive, but for how long? The faceless person threatening her life is still at large.

Through all the chaos, Jackson Christy has been her constant protector. But that’s about to change.

Evidence has turned up that leads Samantha to question Jackson’s motives. Is he who he says he is? Or has she been trusting the wrong man all along?

Her heart says ‘no’ but the evidence says ‘yes.’

Samantha has one death-defying, endless night to prove once and for all if Jackson Christy is the hero of her story or the villain. She won’t stop until she knows, but finding the answer might just kill her.

book 3

Coming Winter 2019!